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About Us

The founder and CEO of Electronic Interoperable Exchange Systems (EIXSYS), Amin Salahuddin, decided in 2012 to fulfill his vision of bringing healthcare to the uninsured and underserved populations. EIXSYS is based out of Austin, Texas, and began small, bringing health education to Colony Park, an underserved area of Austin. As the popularity of EIXSYS’s mission grew, it was decided to launch a 501(C)(3), and today exists as EIXSYS Healthcare System (EHS), a non-profit organization with an independent board of directors.

Today, EHS has developed an innovative concept, allowing for free clinics to be established in community centers across the United States. We are a patient-centered clinic that offers a wide range of primary and preventive health services to families and individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our dedicated team of medical providers, nurses, and support staff provides a continuous source of high quality, comprehensive, and affordable medical care to uninsured and under-insured communities most in need. There are many barriers uninsured individuals face, other than socioeconomic status. Some of these are related to language, transportation, and cultural differences. EHS will exist to help patients overcome these barriers, by having a diverse, multilingual staff, which understands and is sensitive to the needs of each patient. All patients, regardless of income, insurance status, or race/ethnicity are served.

Board of Directors:

Amin Salahuddin

President and Founder

Amin Salahuddin planted the seed for EHS in 2012 with a vision to bring healthcare to the uninsured and underserved populations throughout communities in our nation. Today, Amin serves as the CEO and founder of Electronic Interoperable Exchange Systems (EIXSYS).

Amin is a nationally recognized expert on Healthcare Administration, compliance and Information Technology. His experience and hands-on knowledge of the healthcare domain and its evolving challenges was gained while working with health insurance companies, hospital IT companies, third party administrators, and healthcare clearinghouses. His contributions to the healthcare data exchange industry have been recognized by a variety of institutions, including HIMSS, where he has hosted workshops and spoke at numerous events.

Nameir Majette

Vice President

Nameir is a healthcare consultant and brings many years of client relations and contracting experience to EHS. He works to fulfill the role of establishing strategic partnerships within the community, working to collaborate with key partners, while simultaneously informing the community of the need for healthcare and the importance of the role EHS serves to meet.

Scott Buchanan


Scott, having served as Vice President of Sales for US Healthcare at Datamonitor and Vice President of Global Client Services at Thomson-Reuters Scientific, brings his unique management and strategic thinking skills to our board. Scott enables the board as a whole to think strategically about EHS’s achievements for mission, vision and long-term goals, in the context in which it operates.

Jim Howicz

Vice Chair

Jim is an attorney practicing in the state of Texas. Within his practice today, Jim focuses on general corporate matters, negotiating commercial transactions, drafting contracts, and financial services.

As Vice Chair for EHS, Jim presides over meetings in the absence of our Chair, Scott. He deals with specific tasks and issues as assigned by the governing body. His legal expertise makes him the perfect individual to fulfill the role of Vice Chair.

Nirav Gohel


Nirav works in the realm of healthcare IT, currently as Chief Technology Officer for EIXSYS.

Nirav plays a critical role in fostering communication throughout the organization, as well as performing numerous clerical and administrative duties. His organizational abilities, IT literacy, and clear, friendly, and professional communication skills serves to enhance the position of Secretary for the Board.

Sunita Murti


Sunita brings her experience as Commercial Business Developer at Southwestern National Bank to our board, serving as treasurer. She has been in the banking business for many years and is well respected throughout the community.

As Treasurer, Sunita oversees the financial administration of the organization, including advising the board on financial strategies and producing financial reporting. Her vast experience in banking allows her to effectively fill the role of Treasurer.

Dr. Jubril Oyeyemi


Dr. Jubril Oyeyemi serves as Medical Director for our Cherry Hill Clinic and practices as a board certified internal medicine hospitalist today. Dr. Oyeyemi attended Penn State School of Medicine and completed his residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Today, he is responsible for all clinicians within our Cherry Hill Clinic, which includes doctors, nurses, medical assistants, scribes, and pharmacy staff. Dr. Oyeyemi hopes to minimize emergency room visits by providing a continuity of care for underinsured and uninsured. He focuses on clinical assessment, treatment plan of action, prescriptions, and follow-ups. He oversees corporate sponsorship, partnerships, and health initiative collaborations in health education and referral services.

Dr. Hachem Dadouch


Dr. Hachem Dadouch is an emergency medicine doctor in Austin, Texas. Dr. Dadouch graduated from Damascus Medical School in 1989. After working for a year as a research fellow At Harvard Medical School, he completed a Masters in Public Health at Boston University, and then started his postgraduate medical training in 1992 at Yale University.

Today, Dr. Dadouch works in multiple freestanding emergency centers in Austin, serving his community through exceptional patient care. He currently serves as a volunteer physician with our Austin clinic as well. His vast experience and expertise brings a valuable perspective to the EHS board.



Austin Page:

About Us

EIXSYS Healthcare System (EHS) Austin was established by Amin Salahuddin, the founder and CEO of Electronic Interoperable Exchange Systems (EIXSYS). EHS Austin is a subsidiary of EIXSYS healthcare systems, a non-profit 501(C)3.

EHS Austin opened its doors on February 28, 2015, serving the underserved and uninsured populations of Austin and the surrounding areas. Today, EHS Austin continues its mission.


To bring high-quality healthcare to the uninsured and underserved populations, treating the person as a whole, not just the disease. All patients, regardless of income, insurance status, or race/ethnicity are served in a patient-centered, culturally appropriate environment with a continuing source of care.


Our vision is to be the leaders in coordinating and integrating a patient’s care across multiple medical, behavioral, and social services, as well as helping patients understand their conditions and coaching them on how to improve their overall health, leaving a profound impact on the community we serve.

Our Values

Visionary leaders who believe in simple, guiding principles established EHS Austin. Six fundamental values that form the foundation of the clinic’s culture include compassion, integrity, service, teamwork, innovation, and quality. We demonstrate our commitment to world-class care by providing a caring and supportive environment for our patients, patients’ families, and fellow caregivers.