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Our Team

Amin Salahuddin, MSC

Amin Salahuddin is the CEO of Eixsys Health Care Systems and founder of Eixsys Free Clinic in Austin, Texas. Mr. Salahuddin obtained his Masters degree in Technology Management with a minor in business administration from DeVry University’s Keller School of Business a nationally recognized expert on Healthcare Administration, compliance, and Information Technology. Amin developed American Medical Information Network (AMIN) and worked with professionals in the field nationwide. Amin was awarded with Thompson Reuters Innovation Award for improving patient care through technology.

Dr. Lamia Kadir, M.D.

Dr. Lamia Kadir serves as our medical director and is a board-certified family medicine physician, dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with her patients and their families.

Dr. Kadir graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She continued on to study at Ross University Medical School, where she earned her Doctor of Medicine degree. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Kadir completed a residency in Family and Community Medicine at the University of California, Davis.

Dr. Kadir has been practicing family medicine for 10 years, and remains active in the community today.

Cristal Finke, MPH

Cristal Finke serves as Director of Clinical Operations for EHS Austin. Cristal holds a Masters in Public Health and is a Certified Professional Coder through the American Academy of Professional Coders.

Today, Cristal serves as the Director of Clinical Operations for EHS Austin, which entails collaborating with various community liaisons in order to reach those in the community that are in need of healthcare. In addition, she oversees the clinical operations, ensuring the clinic is in compliance with all HIPAA and OSHA guidelines, coordinating and staffing of volunteers, inventory, as well as managing all records.

Physician Volunteer

Are you a physician looking to make a difference in your community? If so, we want you to join our team! Please send us your contact information and we will reach out to you!