For Schedules: Visit your local clinic


In response to global healthcare issues, EIXSYS strives to educate our community and to build an overall healthier society through the use of prevention and preparedness strategies. Through education we believe preventative healthcare practices becomes easier and will equip communities to become healthier. In turn, we aim for our students to not only apply these principles for their own well-being, but to teach others in the community the information they have gained throughout their learning experience.

We believe that it is crucial for citizens to understand these issues in order to build a healthier future, not only for our community, but globally.


Topics Covered
•      Role of the Immune System & Mechanisms of Defense
•      The Cardiovascular System
•      The Nervous System
•      The Endocrine System
•      The Digestive System
•      The Respiratory System
•      The Respiratory System
•      HIV/AIDS/STD’s
•      Cancer
•      Health Eating


For more information visit your local free clinic and ask them about upcoming health education classes.