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Become an Affiliate

Ready to join the Healthcare transformation? Want to make an impact in your community? Come join EHS!

Who Should Become an Affiliate?

Anyone wanting to make a difference in their local community, willing to provide high quality, patient-centered healthcare to the uninsured and underserved, while continuing to fulfill the EHS mission in their community.

How it Works?

If you are interested in joining the EHS organization, we highly encourage you to contact us today. If you are willing to sign an affiliation agreement with EHS, agreeing to the organizations terms and conditions, then you could be the right fit for our organization. As an affiliate, you will function as a separate clinic, responsible for maintaining your branch’s operations. You will need a location to operate the clinic, which is usually done in a community center. How frequently you choose to hold your clinic is 100% your choice. You simply must adhere to the bylaws and guidelines set forth by the organization and you can impact your community in your unique way!

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